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Welcome to Bampton in Oxfordshire

The home of the fictitious Downton of Downton Abbey fame and Hugh de Singleton Mel Starr's medieval surgeon. This website is now run by the Parish Council and is intended to be a community news site so it will no longer accept commercial advertising. However if you want further details of local opportunities for advertising please see www.bamptonbeam.co.uk. If you find that anything is incorrect or you have any news that you think may be of interest to our readers please let us know by contacting webmaster@bamptonoxon-parishcouncil.gov.uk 



Local news from around Bampton and available vacancies. Please use the links below to read further.



Wednesday 25th May 2022
at The Old School Community Centre, off Church View.


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Bampton Parish Council are currently working on a new and up to date website. Some contact information on the current website may therefore be out of date.  We hope this will be up and running by the end of the year and that you will find our new website much easier to use.


Update on introduction of possible 20mph speed limit in Bampton

Since Bampton Parish Council (BPC) sought the views of residents during February 2022 about the possible introduction of a 20mph limit, the decision has been made to go ahead with the change and this has been confirmed with Oxfordshire County Council who are the highways authority. They will fund this alteration to the speed limit within the built-up area but currently there is no timescale for the change.

The views of those residents that responded to the exercise were published on the BPC Facebook page and showed that 63% of people who replied were in favour of a reduction and 37% were not. We carried out this simple view gathering exercise via our relatively new Facebook Page and through posters inviting people to write to us.

For your information here are some further figures from the survey results:

Total number of responses received – 410
Total number of responses in support of a 20mph limit counted – 159
Total number of responses not in support of a 20mph limit counted – 95
Total number of responses discounted * – 156

*The number discounted were where irregularities in voting were noted and we were disappointed to see that 155 votes were received from one IP address. As it seems unlikely that this would have occurred by accident, the council is concerned that this may have been an attempt to manipulate what was essentially a simple questionnaire. Unfortunately, this may change how we look to carry out any further exercises where we want residents’ views.

You may be interested to know that Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers who try to work together with the community to maintain and improve the local services run by BPC. We currently have councillor vacancies and so perhaps if you are passionate about helping our community you might like to consider becoming a councillor?  If you’re interested we would be delighted to hear from you and request that you contact the Clerk for further information.

We are unable to respond directly to comments left on our Facebook page so if residents wish to contact the Council for information they should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on clerk@bamptonoxon-parishcouncil.gov.uk



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